sobota, 19 grudnia 2015

Ogre bruiser

This is my second miniature for my Ash and Oak team, for Wolsung steampunk skirmish game. I hope, you like it:)

poniedziałek, 14 grudnia 2015

Timmy "Weasel" O'Connor

This is my first miniature for Wolsung steampunk skirmish game, made by Micro Art Studio. The game is great fun, and the minis are really awesome. This is a halfling press reporter Timmy O'Connor. I hope you like it

środa, 18 lutego 2015

Now something completely different. Bolt Action

I don't play warhammer 40k lately. The 7th edition is of no use for me. Some armies and units became so overpowered that every army on every tournament need to include such units, otherwise it have no chance to win anything. I started to look for something new. There it was. The Bolt Action. I always was fan of ww2 history, films etc. The system is simple and gives a lot of fun in gaming and modelling. Today I present you my first tank I've made for my russian army. Its T-28 medium tank made of cardboard. I hope you like it.

poniedziałek, 15 września 2014

Now something BIG

He's big, he's brutal and he's with the good guys! Fear for your life daemons and heretics! You can't hide from this warp-jumping behemoth.

The mini is fully magnetized with all the options. It was real fun working with that mate. I hope you like the outcome.

czwartek, 7 sierpnia 2014

Special forces

The best of the best, Emperor's finest, wonder boys and many other names stuck to those guys. They are the pride of the Imperial Guard and their best fast response troops. They can operate almost in every enviroment and always get the hardest missions to accomplish. Here they are, tha famous Tempestus Scions.

I've painted them, to fit to the inquisitorial force. Two of them are magnetised to have either the hot-shot lasgun or melta, and plasma guns.

poniedziałek, 19 maja 2014

Hammer of the Emperor

Do you wanna mess with Imperial guard ...sorry Astra Militarum? Think twice, those guys are waiting for the order:)

Models were in very bad condition when i got them. The exterminator turrets are schratch-built, to give more options for the squardron. I hope you like them:)

wtorek, 15 kwietnia 2014

...and some more servants

Another unit of inquisitorial henchmen, this time armed with bolters

I accept commissions, if you're interested, feel free to contact me by email.